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Heavenly - Information

Resort Information  Heavenly

Heavenly ski resort is located in the south-eastern corner of Lake Tahoe, on the border with Nevada and the sunshine state of California, about 3 hours 30 mins from San Francisco and 1 hr 15 mins from Reno. Heavenly is appropriately named as it enjoys around 300 days of sun each year, not to mention 360 inches (914 cm) of snowfall. The skiing at Heavenly is suitable for all abilities and you can choose to ski in Nevada, with stunning views of the arid vastness of the Nevada Desert, or to head for the Californian side overlooking the lush beauty of Lake Tahoe.The stateline area at the centre is dominated by a handful of hotel-casinos located just inches on the Nevada side of the line. Along with the gambling, these establishments also offer some big name entertainers from the world of music, circus and comedy. Now you won't find that in your typical ski resort!The upper Californian side is generally fast, blue, cruising terrain with more difficult runs higher up, but plenty of easy cruising runs descending to mid-mountain. Most of the trails are ideally suited to intermediates, long cruisers bordered by banks of pine trees and enhanced by the stunning views of the lake. You can take the Sky Express chair and try Liz's or Betty's, then head to Nevada for the Big Dipper, Sand Dunes, Perimeter and Galaxy runs, the Nevada face consists mainly of blue trails.The most advanced Heavenly skiing and riding is found in Mott Canyon and Killebrew Canyon. Steep chutes are cut through the trees, with runs such as Snake Pit, Widowmaker, and the difficult Boundary Chutes. Links between the two sides involve a number of lengthy flats that bring complaints from snowboarders. Heavenly has four terrain parks and a super-pipe.

Resort Statistics




Grade - 20 - 63 - 29

Self Drive Distance?

Reno 90km

Nearest Airports?

Reno 90Km

San Francisco 320Km

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