Bpoint1 Specialist Insurance for ski season
Bpoint1 Ideal cover for seasonal workers
Bpoint1 Cover available for travellers aged up to  80
Bpoint1 Cover available for trips from 2 to 24 months
Bpoint1 Off piste insurance standard under all policies
Bpoint1 European and Worldwide destinations covered


Ski season insurance


With skiing and boarding cover for the whole trip. No max days limit!


Be it a student gap year, a break between jobs or as part of a retirement plan, "doing a ski season" is becoming more and more popular.


When choosing a winter sports insurance for a season it's important to bear a number of factors in mind. Ski season insurance and its price depends on many factors including the length of stay, what job your doing in resort, how many days you have free to ski and board and the sporting activities you wish to engage in during your trip away.


Getting a quote is dead easy, Use the engine above and plug in your planned dates and your destination and then dependent on your age we will give you a quote. Policies are ordered by price, cheapest first but all of the results are laid out neatly on the screen so that you can compare easily the benefits of each. We do recommend that you check not only the headline price but review the full policy wording paying particular attention to excesses and sporting activities. Eveything is on screen with nothing hidden so take a couple of minutes to understand what you are getting for your money.


***News Flash***


Skicover are delighted to announce that they now have travel insurance available that will cover travellers who are lucky enough to get a 2 year Visa to live and work in Canada under the IEC Programme.


These policies are available for travellers up to the age of 55 and cover a wide ranging of sporting activities including skiing, mountaineering and downhill mountain biking.

There are three levels of cover available dependent on the sporting activities you wish to persue and with over 500 sporting activities available no one should feel left out.


If you can find what your looking for online great but if your not sure or need some specific advice then  give us a call as we often find a 5 minute chat can help us narrow down the best ski season travel insurance for your needs. Remember we are open 7 days a week on 0330 880 5099.


The fine print


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