News Update For Winter 2023 & 2024


New cover in place for Wintersports  insurance for those aged between 65 to 85.


Example quote for an 84 year old 


Single Trip Wintersports policy .

Duration: 8 days

Adult aged between 80-85 years 

Skiing in Europe


Price is £119.44



Call 0330 880 5099 for more information 


As a specialist winter sports insurer, we have annual multi-trip policies available for skiers up to the age of 75 and up to the age of 84 on a single-trip basis both in Europe and further afield.

The annual multi-trip policies can cover you for up to 60 days per trip with no limit on the number of days you can ski during each trip and the policies can be used during the remainder of the year for other trips.

We do ask you to please call 0330 880 5099 to discuss these senior policies and to check that policies are fit for purpose and if required, cover any pre-existing medical conditions.



Photo: Trysil Under licence.