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Cat skiing insurance

Untracked snow is the "ultimate winter high" and no better experience can be gained than by going Cat skiing.

When Cat skiing you are really travelling to areas which have not be groomed and are in their raw natural state. Ski resorts have had a lot of the danger removed and well trained ski patrollers who are specialists in assessing the risk to skiers and snowboarders are on hand to provide assistance.

When Cat skiing the insured don't have the ready access to this support structure and you are really relying on the experience of the guides and drivers to determine the danger levels. In addition you are heavily reliant on mechanical means to get to the top of a mountain and driving in a high alpine environment can be extremely hazardous


Booking insurance online for Cat Skiing trips

The insurance booking engine above has been pre-programmed to return the correct premium to cover cat skiing as standard as well as any other sports in the same risk category or lower. These activities can be viewed on the results page under the activities tab or in the full policy wordings on display.

If you have an any queries about our ski insurance policies and need clarification on any aspects of the cover then do not hesitate to use livechat or call and speak to an agent on 0330 880 5099, we are open 7 days a week to provide assistance.

Please note that this activity is not covered by all our providers so please refer to the policy terms and conditions for each policy for full details.



Photo: Electronker Under licence.