• Designed for Winter Sports
  • Off piste within resort areas
  • Upgrade for Higher Risk sports
  • Helicopter Rescue if needed
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Skiing insurance

Each year almost a million skiers take a trip abroad to get their own personal "fix" in the mountains.

There is no denying that the experience can be addictive and many of our clients give up summer holidays in order to spend as much time as possible on the snow.

A wintersports travel insurance is vital for any ski holiday as they are tailored to provide additional cover where it matters. Many travellers don't understand the difference between your National Health European Health card (EHIC) and a wintersports policy. Whilst your EHIC card will pay for care in a state run hospital, most accidents on the mountain result in your being carried to a local clinic. Your costs there will not be covered and neither will the cost of getting you off the mountain. If your injuries are serious your EHIC card makes no provision to get you home to the UK and will not provide costs for someone to accompany you.

The team at Skicover have extensive experience of skiing and can provide excellent advice as to why ski insurance is so valuable when planning a trip abroad. The team is available 7 days a week on 0330 880 5099 and is happy to answer any questions you have about the most suitable skiing travel insurance policy for your needs.

Alternatively use the booking engine above and choose a policy from those considered suitable for your needs. Don't worry, they all include skiing, on and off piste insurance in areas within resort boundaries considered safe by resort management.