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Terrain parks insurance

Over the last 10 years ski resorts have worked hard to provide a wide range of on mountain activities to engage the younger marketplace. One such "boom" area is the use of "terrain parks" which are open to both skiers and snowboarders.

Terrain parks typically consist of a series of trails, ramps and jumps and a half pipe and the area will be open to users of all levels. Normally the area is open to both beginners and advanced users and learning tends to be via trial and error.

Now From a ski insurance perspective it is important to ensure that you are covered if you feel the need to "ride a rail" or "flip a 360". These activities are considered high risk and if you have ever ridden a skateboard you will know that the risks rise exponentially once you start getting into tricks and most insurers will request an extra premium to venture into a terrain park but our approach is different

By using the engine above you will be shown the levels of cover for both the Red and Black policies. The Red and Black have been pre set to the "Pro" levels of cover for use in resort organised terrain parks. 




Did you know?
£7,000 – Cost of medical treatment and repatriation for a broken leg after a boarding accident.




At Skicover it has always been our approach to offer the traveller the choice when it comes to ski insurance. Following a simple quote stage where we determine your needs, the policy options are laid out on screen in such a way that you can easily see what is covered and more importantly whats not covered under each policy.


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